Warning! Please read the following terms before using this online store. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use the store. By accessing and using the online store of "Bonsted-M"LTD., you the client / user called User briefly, acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions and all other conditions laid down by the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and international law, even if they are not specifically mentioned in these conditions. ET "Bonsted-M" is not responsible if the User has not read and familiarized with these terms of use.

      I.        Rules for the use of the electronic store

"Bonsted-M" LTD (the "Provider"), as an owner of the electronic store www.nordikpredatorbg.com , entitles you to download and view all the materials and products in it, solely for personal non-commercial use, under the condition that you observe and comply with all copyright.
The use of the electronic shop is not permitted for sending and transmitting material with false, misleading, inflammatory, defamatory or incorrect content. The changing in any manner of the material on the online shop and its spreading or distribution for public and commercial purposes is forbidden. The copying, transmission, storage of materials (text and images) in any other manner without the written permission of ET "Bonsted-M" is not allowed.

     II.        Rights and obligations of the parties

The services and materials, provided by nordikpredatorbg.com are limited to the conditions mentioned for them, without providing any guarantees, including commercial and target, unless there is specifically noted warranty related to the product (item). The obligations of "Bonsted-M" LTD for products and services offered in nordikpredatorbg.com, depend on its agreements with distributors and importers of those products.

"Bonsted-M" LTD has the right to carry out changes in the published materials, services and prices, without notice and at any time, the changes will be posted on the e-shop: nordikpredatorbg.com.

There is some information in the e-shop, referring to the products and services that are not available at the moment. In case through the use of nordikpredatorbg.com or material bought from the shop, a damage is caused which needs a service, repair or fixing, equipment or information, you assume all responsibility and all costs associated with this damage and their removal.

    III.        Privacy. Information from the users.

Sending personal information in connection to the purpose of receiving products or services offered by nordikpredatorbg.com is protected by the Law on Protection of Personal data. As per this law, the consumer has the right to access their personal data, which is entered and corrected.

Each user fills in the required fields marked with a red star upon registration. In case of forgotten password the user should signal that through the "forgotten password" and get password to access its account on the e-mail provided.

Users are prohibited from posting or transmitting to or from this Site any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, pornographic, or other information that is in violation of applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Nordikpredatorbg.com does not want to receive, any confidential or proprietary information from you through this site. In some cases the transmitted information is used by us to assist you in applying for a certain order, to complete a transaction, to maintain contact with you or personalize promotional offers.

    IV.        User reviews

This web page enables users to publish posts about goods and items offered on it. Nordikpredatorbg.com assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of consumer statements. We reserve our right to delete posts that do not relate to the items in the online catalog.

     V.        Links to third party websites

For customer convenience, nordikpredatorbg.com contains links to websites owned and administered by a third party (parties).

Nordikpredatorbg.com does not control and is not responsible for the content and policies of such sites in relation to personal information protection, prices and services.

    VI.        References to Nordikpredatorbg.com

The creation of a link to this website is possible and permissible, provided that you comply and accept the conditions of nordikpredatorbg.com. For more information please contact us at the provided coordinates.

   VII.        Prices and products

On its own initiative and discretion at any time without prior notice ET "Bonsted-M" reserves the right to change the prices of all products published in nordikpredatorbg.com. The user must pay the price valid at the time the order is placed. When there are technical errors on the prices and products, nordikpredatorbg.com reserves the right to reject the performance of the order and does not indemnify the user, apart from the obligation to repay the amount paid by him is case any.

Notice of discount is done by placing the new (current) price next or below the old price, which is crossed out. If validity is not specified at a discounted price, it is valid until there is stock from it, but not more than one month or six months if the conditions of Article 66, paragraph 2 of the Law on Consumer Protection are meet.

  VIII.        Trademarks

All symbols, logos and names used and published in this nordikpredatorbg.com, are trademarks and are protected by copyright law.

    IX.        General additions

ET "Bonsted-M" makes no declaration that materials or services available at nordikpredatorbg.com are appropriate for use outside of Republic of Bulgaria and therefore in cases where access to them from territories where their contents are illegal is prohibited.
Nordikpredatorbg.com reserves the right to change these Terms at any time by following the change date of publication.

     X.        Under the law for consumer protection. Rights and obligations.

Under the CPA, we - Nordikpredatorbg.com are bound to provide you with the following information:
1. The main characteristics of the goods which we have written in a detailed page for each of our product

2. The price of goods is written in Bulgarian Levs or its equivalent (by pressing the exchange button) in euro, U.S. dollars or pounds sterling including VAT for each product.

3. User receives the goods on the specified address in its registration, on another address noted by him, or the nearest office of the courier company. Upon delivery, the consumer receives the goods with all associated documents.

4. The time for delivery of the ordered goods is within 3 working days of payment in the event that the product / service is not exhausted or it has other specifically stated terms for delivery. Orders made until 16:00 will be processed on the same day. Orders made after this time will be processed the next day. Orders made Saturday and Sunday are processed on Monday.

5. Payment for goods is consistent with Article 93, paragraph 1 of the Law on Obligations and Contracts for which user get a document.
6. Transport costs for shipping are not included in the price of goods you can see in the data box for shipping.

    XI.        Return of product

Every member has the right to return a product ordered within 7 working days of receipt of goods in the event that they are not used, their integrity is not damaged and original presentation (labels, stickers must not be removed from the package) in accordance with Article 55 of the Law on Consumer Protection.
Returns of products purchased by
"Bonsted-M" LTD are accepted if they are timely made, the company is committed to their enrollment in the relevant register under Article 127, Paragraph 2 of the Law on Consumer Protection.

"Bonsted-M" LTD shall reimburse the consumer the full value of the goods is paid not later than 30 days from the date on which he has exercised his right of withdrawal from the contract under the Law on Consumer Protection Art. 55. Paragraph 6.

XII. Applicable Law

For all outstanding issues in these conditions shall apply the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation, all disputes relating to these Terms, the parties were unable to resolve amicably, shall be referred to the Bulgarian court.
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