• Nordik Bear

Instructions: Nordik Bear is especially developed for calling bears and other predators in areas where moose are common, e.g. northern Europe, northern Asia and North America. The call imitates the sound of a moose calf in distress, attracting both predators and moose cows.

WARNING: All calling for large predators is at your own risk! When calling, we recommend two hunters to be present, sitting back to back, able to observe the whole surroundings, alternatively calling from highstands.

Expand the lower part of the call, place the mouthpiece to your lips and exhale. Alternate between shorter and longer sounds for one minute; rest for two to three minutes and keep going for one to two hours each stand.

The bear often only moves as long as it hears the calf crying, so call for a long time each stand! For the best result, open and close your hands in front of the call for a more realistic sound and make sure you do not blow any saliva into the mouthpiece.

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Nordik Bear

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